He Waits In Silence

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales mmm

I saw him
Lying in his bed in the Lower Block at Kabanga Hospital...

He is 24 years old
No family...
All were killed during the atrocities in Burundi.

He managed to escape
to freedom...
to Tanzania.

He was settled ‘at the Kasulu Refugee Camp
at Mtabila.

A year ago –
he was referred from the camp to Kabanga Hospital
for swollen left leg.

X-ray then showed bone cancer
He was amputated.

he has been re-admitted to Kabanga Hospital
for the cancer has spread...

It went to his left eye
which has swollen and blind.

It was enucleated.
The mass kept on growing
It was ‘debulked’ at the operating threatere

But then....
It started growing again
Nothing could be done
Except supportive treatment

I saw him
lying in his bed


No complaints.

No demands.

Despite constant pain.

Always grateful to the care-givers

In complete surrender to his situation.

He is ready to meet his Creator.

But until then

He waits

...in silence.

I saw him

Lying in his bed


But in Christ’s peace.