Be Faithful To Who You Are

by Bo Sanchez

Let me share with you a simple secret about succeeding in life.Don’t ever try to please everyone.

I’ve been a leader of Catholic organizations for two decades now. If I tried to live up to all the expectations that people heap on me, I’d need to be Padre Pio and Bill Gates and Francis of Assisi and John Rockefeller and Clark Kent rolled into one.

Talk about severe schizophrenia!

Some want me to be Padre Pio: ‘Bo, your early morning prayer time – done at four - should last for three hours. You should levitate once in a while. When you walk around, we should smell the odor of sanctity and see a beautiful glow on your face.’ Jeepers, I have some type of odor, I know. But I doubt if it’s sacred. (Spell out my name. Remind you of something?)

Others want me to be Bill Gates, the great CEO: ‘As our leader, you should manage a well-knit, well-run, well-oiled organization. You should implement reengineering, develop our marketing niche, and work towards ISO 9002 systems in our prayer group.’

Others want me to be St Francis of Assisi, the ascetic: ‘Bo, you should live in poverty, wear second-hand clothes, and never touch or own or think of money at all. Drive a beat up, rusty, dilapidated car. And live in a squatter area.’

And yet another group of people insist that I be John Rockefeller, the philanthropist: ‘When we have financial needs, it’ll be nice if we see you dig deep into your pocket and help us with our children’s tuition fees, our hospital bills, our shopping sprees.’

Some wish me to be Clark Kent: ‘I don’t care if your schedule is full. You have to be there for me! Be my personal best friend. Don’t just be my leader! Phone me everyday and visit my home every other day.’ For two thousand members of my organization?

I’ve accepted this truth: I believe that if I will do what my Creator wants me to do, I’ll end up disappointing a lot of people.

I’m not all these characters.

I’m Bo. And I like being Bo! God has created me to be this particular person with my own set of strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies.

Don’t try to please everyone.
Disappoint people!
Know your call.
And answer it.

PS. We’ve just celebrated that first day when Jesus disappointed a lot of people by not becoming superman, but a helpless infant instead. Because that was His call.

Salamat sa KERYGMA