In The Steps Of Mother Teresa

By Sr. Mercina, mc

Two years ago the world mourned the death o Mother Teresa, Mother Teresa has become a symbol of the care we ought o have for the abandoned the world. Her many followers continue her work; among them are three young Filipino women who have joined the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa and now live in Calcutta India.

There are three of us Filipino MCs in India. Two are in motherhouse (Sr. Pia and Sr.Jonamile); they came just recently. They are engaged in helping the administrative work. I am working with Adoption her in Shishu Bhavan, Calcutta, the biggest center among all our centers.

Free Medical Service

We have the malnutrition center for the sick and undernourished children. Most of these children have parents and they are brought to us for treatment. When they get well we discharge them. Our hospital is for the poorest of the poor, irrespective of the caste, creed or nationality. We charge no fees. Two pediatricians come daily to look after the children who are sick.

Homeless Children

The other section is the orphanage. It has nearly 400 children. These are either abandoned and brought to us by the police or unwanted children that were given to us by unwed mothers for social reasons. The children are given in adoption to carefully chosen homes. Some children are handi-capped. For these we look for very special homes, people who are willing to give them extra love and attention.

They Grow Up Well

It is always exciting to hear news of how they are doing, growing up so well-adjusted and integrated into the family which took them. This is indeed a source of tremendous joy for the naturally, for us too.