Misyon Online - March-June 1992

March-June 1992

I, Kamal, Am Free

By: Sr. Ching Madduma, ICM

It is hard to believe that there are 200 million “Untouchables” in the subcontinent of India, people treated as less than human beings. There is also another group even less visible who are often retarded as even worse off-the seriously handicapped and mentally retarded. Sr. Ching has worked to bring these people out of what she calls ‘the valley of shadow.’ Here she brings us up to date on the story of her little friend, Kamal.

Free from Chains
I, Kamal am free! How I wish he could have spoken these words! Nonetheless, I was touched when our little 12 year old boy from the local unit for children with mental retardation came to our convent compound and grinned broadly as he gestured awkwardly to show that his chains of oppression were gone.

Koza: Thank you and Goodbye

By: Pedro Morelos Peñaranda, CICM

Concluding Pedro Peñaranda’s reflections on his trial period as a CICM seminarian in Cameroon

Disciples of the Man from Nazareth
There are only three Filipinos in North Cameroon- all of them CICM missionaries. The people call us Nasara meaning white, a term applied to all non blacks. At first I found it impolite of them to call names till I discovered Nasara originally meant disciple of the man from Nazareth. In Maroua, however, the seat of the diocese and a commercial district with rather large Moslem population, we were tagged Chinois.

Missionaries ‘Ad Gentes’

By: Fr. Antonio Barriatos, SVD

Fr. Tony Barriatos a Filipinos priest in Latin America

 We are missionaries Ad Gentes
Sent to all parts of the world
Animated by the vision of our missionary vacation:
To bring all men to affirm the person of Christ,
To proclaim the gospel and announce salvation to all creation,
To educate and offer service to the poor.
Leave your place and go
Implant the Church among the peoples of the world
So that there may be peace on earth.

The Blind Hear

By Bro. Paul Bongcaras SVD

Bro. Paul Bongcaras is finishing many happy years in Papua New Guinea. With deep respect for the local culture, with drama and music he introduced the people into the mystery of Christ.