Weaving a Dream

By Mercy B. Gawason

The author is a young Subanen who works with Subanen Craft.. She and her companions at Subanen Crafts recently visited Negros Occidental and dropped by the Misyon editorial office in Bacolod City.

There’s no easy way for the poor to reach their dreams. They have to work and sacrifice for it. There are lots of thorns and obstacles that you can encounter but if you really want to achieve your dreams in life, then you'll find your own strategy. No matter how difficult it is you must go on. As they say, poverty is not a hindrance to success. Never forget where you have come from and always remember decisions you've made because you’ve put God first in all things and believe that with God nothing is impossible.

This is what I’ve experienced as the daughter of poor parents. I supported myself. I studied as a working student and this was very hard. Things had to be kept in balance, time had to be managed properly and personal matters set aside. There were many times when I was hurt, discriminated against because of my culture and for who I am. There were times when I wanted to give up but I had to pursue my dream so that someday I could make others wake up and realize that judging others is very wrong. That's why I stood up. Life had to go on so I used my heartaches as my challenge and inspiration, not just for myself but for my family and culture too.

And I was so lucky because there was a door that opened to me, Subanen Crafts with Fr Vincent Busch, a Columban priest in Ozamiz City. I was so happy when I became one of the Subanen Crafts weavers because since I was a kid I dreamed of earning a degree and having a better future so that I could help my family and fellow Subanens

The project was able to send me to high school and college where I completed a two-year course, Associate in Office Administration (AOA), at La Salle University, Ozamiz City. Right after my graduation in March 2010 Subanen Crafts offered me an opportunity to work as the admin clerk.

I’ve had so many lessons and experience in life: traveling to other places, meeting new friends, facing other people and getting to know myself better. This has helped me a lot to develop what I learned in school. Though I’ve already graduated with an AOA, I still want to do further study so that I can gain more knowledge and be more capable of doing the tasks I’m given and be able to help my fellow Subanens.

And I encourage all who are poor and my fellow Subanens to study. It really is true that ‘education is the only weapon’. It is the only key to success and to defend ourselves. It is also the only property and wealth that nobody can take and steal from us. Trust God completely and do not put yourself down . . . TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

You may email the author at mercy_gawason@yahoo.com