My Angel of Humility

By Gregorio Pelaez III

The moment I began to change emotionally and mentally I knew that the point of my life I’d been waiting for so long had finally arrived.  My expectation that being a teenager would be the greatest part of living turned out to be wrong.

I admit I was a stubborn child, never thinking about anyone except myself.  I was so self-centered that I wanted the best in life for myself alone. I was like a ferocious beast, ready to devour anyone who came my way. That’s why I had only a few friends.

I felt glorious about my attitude, not knowing it was the start of being an egotistic person, and not realizing that I was already profaning my soul, creating my ladder to hell. I was such an insecure person then.

I knew nothing about humility and hadn’t changed me a bit until a man named Robert came into my life.  He was the man I believe God sent to save me.  Like me, he also had experienced the worst in life, but God converted him and blessed him with extraordinary gifts and gave him a mission to give light and hope to desperate souls.

I joined the charismatic renewal and when I heard the words of God through Brother Robert, my whole life changed.  Because of his fervent guidance and encouragement, I was able to bring out my good side.  I learned to get rid of my evil deeds and be acquainted with the concept of humility.  I then discovered the joy of living according to God’s will.

The process of my conversion was very slow, but through the help of Brother Robert my faith grew on a strong foundation and I experienced a wholesome spiritual transformation. Brother Robert touched my life deeply, something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I want to continue doing the same for others, especially the poor and the abandoned. Through Brother Robert I’ve learned the greatest philosophy of life, to be humble, to be kind, and to be the man that God wants me to be.

After the worst moments I’ve been through I finally have the strength to resist evil though not totally, because of my frailty. But I still believe that as I try God will give me the grace I need.

I know God loves me because He has given me a chance to change my life.  Through the angel of humility He sent me, He opened my eyes so I might see the reality that the pure joy of living cannot be felt without the passion of humility.