This letter is from our files. The author was a second-year high school student at the time when Misyon was still a printed magazine. Her name and address are with the editor.

Dear Father Seán Coyle,

Greetings in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

I’m a second-year student in a Catholic high school in the Visayas. I love reading Misyon. I love the stories in it and I learned a lot from it. Among the stories or articles, my favorite is In Him Alone by Noe Hijara Pedrajas (July-August 2004 issue). [Editor’s note: The author of that article is now a priest in the Diocese of Marbel.] It really touched my heart. I learned many things from this article. I learned that we should never lose our faith in God no matter what happens in our lives. I learned that we should never blame God for the death or loss of a loved one. I believe that ‘In every darkness there is Light’.

Father, I want to tell you my own story, related to the article In Him Alone. I’m an illegitimate child. I bear my mother’s maiden name. My father left me when I was still in the womb of my mother. Until now I haven’t seen him. When I was six months old, my mother married an American. For me, the American is my real father. My mother migrated to the States with my Daddy (the American). I grew up with my grandparents but my mother always visits me here in the Philippines and my Daddy visited me during Christmas 2003. He filled the emptiness inside me. My mother is always there for me even if we’re miles apart. My grandparents guide me. I’m very contented with my life now with the people who are loving me so much. I’m very happy even if I haven’t seen my real father. We should always believe that ‘In every darkness there is Light’.

Father Seán, thank you for listening. Thank you to Misyon.

Father Seán, thank you for visiting our school.

Truly yours,