Misyon Online - July-August 1994

July-August 1994

Inside Outer Mongolia

By Fr. Wens Padilla, CICM

In a unique event in modern history the Vatican was asked by newly-freed Mongolia to send missionaries. It is a credit to the CICM’s that they were chosen to go and a credit to all Filipino missionaries. Fr. Wens Padilla was chosen to head the team of three. Wens has been in Taiwan and featured in Misyon before.

A Dream Becomes a Reality
MONGOLIA was not a “dream mission” for me when I entered the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM) knowing that what was related to Mainland China and the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia, where our first CICM missionaries did mission work, has long been wiped. It was wiped out as a CICM mission field and priority after our last European confreres came into my dream- screen, catching me unawares, on April 1992 when I got my nomination that I was chosen as one of the members of the first CICM team to come to Mongolia. I was then in the Philippines still grieving at the death of my father at whose funerals I officiated on January 10, 1992, our team of three missionaries landed at the Ulaan Baatar International Airport.

Like sheep Without a Sheep

By: Sr. Docilia Pizzaro, FSP

The Birth of an Idea
Since last year, we the Filipinos working in Lahore, have gathered every two months. Fr. Pat Raleigh, a Columban, initiated this apostolate. In his going about, he used to meet Filipinos every now and then. So, he got the idea of gathering, asking where they live etc. Fr. Pat is a great friend of our community, he spoke to me and to one FMM, a Filipino too and one missionary of Charity (Mother Teresa) a Filipino, plus three Pinoys Columban lay missionary. He said, we must meet one day, and see if we can organize and gather these people for a Sunday mass and offer the chance of meeting each other.

Crying out for Flowers

By: Leticia Bartolome, ICM

Looking for Flowers
“When you live amid rocks the heart is bound to cry out for flowers.” The source of the quotation is a Benedictine nun who wrote in poetry about the “rocks” of everyday life. I met the passage almost twenty years ago when I newly-arrived missionary in Hong Kong, and have always liked it. I was determined not to remain “crying out flowers” but to look for flowers in Hong Kong, literally and figuratively.

By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD

Twin Salmon
I took the wife of our Church President back to the village from the maternity clinic. She gave birth to twins. At the village the people came running to welcome us. I raised my hands and gestured they are twins. Then i got out, took the two big Salmon fish I had brought for the new mother, raised them up to the people and said; “here they are”. All of them stopped aghast, and then  they burst out laughing. Even the mother has to wait for the laughter to fade away before getting out of the car.

Flores: faith versus fate

 By: Fr. Victor Bunanig, SVD

Fr. Victor Bunanig, SVD has been a missionary in Indonesia for almost thirty two years now.

Island of flowers
Flores is an island in the central Indonesian Archipelago. Its area is 14,000 sq. km. with a population of about 1,500,000. The island has the name “Palau Bunga”: island of Flowers. Beyond this literary nickname the isle is a land of Sylvan and volcanic mountains. Above all Flores id “Flowers” of the faith, 80% Catholic. In Church administration Flores is divided into three Dioceses. After seventy five (75) years of evangelization, it now sends Priest and Brothers and Sisters as Missionaries all over Indonesia and abroad.

For ‘Better or For Worse’ is Better

By: Fr. Rudy Fernandez, SJ

Fr. Rudy Fernandez is the first Society of Jesus (SJ) Pinoy missionary in Japan. He came to Japan in 1955. He was ordained after theological studies in Tokyo in 1962. He is presently teaching English and religion at the Jesuit high school in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Gakuin. One of his missions is advising and marrying young people in love.

Kyoko spent her junior and senior high school years- from twelve to eighteen- in Hiroshima jogakuin, a Protestant girl’s school in the city. She became acquainted with the Bible and Christian hymns and came to love them there. She was not a Christian herself, but that did not make her a rarity. Most of her fellow students were not Christian either. Buddhist and indifferent, mostly; typical of the student population of most Christian schools in Japan, more popularly known as mission schools. During those six she came to me with her friend Yukiko once a week to learn practical, conversational English.

Greetings from Benin

By: Fr. Romy Cagatin, SVD

Different but The same

I have been in Benin for a little more than a year. After having been formed in our in our beloved country, the Philippines, for the past 28 years, being here “undresses” or “de-construct”, they say, all our own cultural paradigms. In the beginning I was a bit naïve to believe that there is not much difference between me and our African sisters and brothers. The longer I am here the more I realize that we differ to a great extent in many things. It is wrong to say though, that we are completely different from each other. People keep me calling me before (Whiteman). It hurts me, honestly speaking.

Recently, a young man was ordained priest, in spite of the fact that his mother practices traditional religion, while his father is a Muslim. Never heard in the Philippines? Or does that African way is not our way (Mt. 16:23). Entering into their culture whilst preserving my “Filipino-ness” and their “African-ness” is not at all an easy process.

Home is Where I am Sent

By: Fr. Eduard Orilla, MSP

“Where on earth are the Solomon Islands?” Such a reaction is the usual follow up inquiry of friends upon hearing and knowing about Solomon Islands. But in order not to give you any additional school or home work, dear readers, Solomon Islands are located somewhere in the Central Pacific Island below Papua New Guinea and Bougainville. There are 900 islands comprising the Solomons and are full of exceedingly beautiful lagoons, white and silver beaches, undenuded forest, coral reefs and clear see water. Some of the islands are volcanic, however.

I Too Ask Forgiveness

By: Fr. Ernesto Amigleo, CICM

Land of Many Faiths
My name is Fr. Ernesto Amigleo, I am a CICM missionary lining in Indonesia- a country of many faiths but predominantly Muslim. In recent years I have been working close to Muslim community and have got to know them and their big feast deep well.

Idul Fitri
Idul Fitri Day for our Muslim sisters and brothers is a red letter day.. Last year it fell on March 25, 1993. it is a day when they blessed with “original holiness” (fitra), after thirty days of obligatory fasting or Ramadan.

War and Peace

By:  Fr. Thomas Gier, SOLT

A young Pilipino Missionary Group Starts from Scratch in Papua New Guinea.
Twenty years ago the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity arrived in the Philippines. It has grown and prospered and has many seminarians and priest who are now going on mission out from the Philippines. Fr. Thomas Patrick Gier has led a group of Filipino priest to start from scratch a new mission in Papua New Guinea. With Fr. Tom is Fr. Gene Barbacena and Fr. Ferdie Samar. Also With them two Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity seminarians: Alvin Cayetano and Rey Grava. Here Fr. Tom tells one of their adventures.