Misyon Online - July-August 1990

July-August 1990

By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD

Money Can’t Buy it
While at Language School, we do not stay at the school itself but we live with a Ghanaian family for six months to facilitate learning Twi, the local language. In the family where I stayed, my cook unfortunately was divorced by her husband. Our conversation:

Me:      How long were your married?

Cook:  Three years.

Me:      In those years, how was your marriage?

Lost in Japan?

By Fr. Martin Dubuc
Nabeoka Miyosaki Prefecture


No Road to Escape
When I was assigned as missionary to Japan a little over ten years ago, little did I think that I would also be working with Filipinos, but for the past five years, besides my work with the Japanese, I have also been involved with migrant workers from other Asian countries, mostly from the Philippines. Most of these migrant workers were women, and the vast majority would be in Japan officially as dancers or singers. But some who come to Japan with a dream of making much money for themselves and for their families find themselves forced into prostitution with no road of escape.

Mysterious Macau Part 3

Sr. Ines A. Tan, FMM
A Filipino Missionary in Macau

Continuing her story. Read on:

Ten Meters from China
One day, I went to visit one new immigrant families from China. They are forty families who live in an improvised building, built out over the sea along the coast of Macau, ten meters away from China.

Shadow People

By Sr. Ching Madduma, ICM
A Filipino Sister working in India

Hidden in Backrooms
Sudha and Kavita are two Indian women- bright, intelligent and ambitious. They are members of a high caste family in India but they are forced to live in the world “world of shadows” because they have a brother and two sisters who were handicapped. Their family is oppressed in silence and sadness. Inside and outside of their home there are no voices to be heard from the intellectually handicapped members of their family. They are voiceless people “without minds”. They are mere shadow hidden in the backrooms!

The Singing Priest in Angola

By Fr. Efren de Guzman, SVD
Is a Filipinos Priest in Angola

One month after my arrival in Angola, I met a young catechist named Josefa. She was a good animator- active and joyful in the formation of the catechists.

Illness Strikes
One day she got very sick, a kind of ulcer with complications in the stomach caused by hunger. She brought to the hospital. We visited her, brought communion and prayed together.