How This Year is Going to be Depends On You

By Jessan M. Cabunsol

Jessan is a third year BS Civil Engineering student at the University of Negros Occidental -Recoletos. Presently, he is also the editor-in-chief of the Tolentine Star, the official student publication of the university. Jessan is an active Kwaderno volunteer too. 

It is one of the most awaited holidays around the globe. This is the time for change – new hope, new life, new styles, new look, and everything that needs to be renewed. This holiday is New Year’s Day.

Aside from Christmas, New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. For thousands of years people have been celebrating the good life, hope, and everything about goodness at the beginning of every year.

For some, this time of year is a new beginning. Despite calamities, unexpected tough things, and whatever challenges – easy and difficult – the New Year gives us the strength and hope to become more positive. It may be difficult to ‘wrap up’ 2014 and to be ungrateful because of the events that happened: another super typhoon hit the Philippines, the Ebola virus killed thousands of people, and the weeks of war between Israel and Gaza, among other things. However, those challenges have shown the care and love of humans for each other.

Last year I was blessed to be part of an organization called Kwaderno Love Can Inc. There I met one of their scholars, Angelica Enario. This twelve-year-old girl has faced life’s challenges with positivity. She is presently a Grade 5 pupil in Sangke, Hinoba-an, the last barangay in the southernmost part of Negros Occidental. Angelica has been a consistent First Honor pupil since Grade 1. You might think that anybody could become like Angelica. Yes, anyone could. But, what’s amazing with Angelica is that she knows her path despite being a child with a disability – a child born with only one foot. Whatever imperfections we have, it is still up to decide how we are going to live our lives. Being a person with a disability will just make one unique, but not different from others. For Angelica, impossibility has no room in her life. It is just a matter of will and determination. And she believes that being optimistic is her way of reaching her dreams in spite of what has God has given her.

I am now a ‘fan’ of Angelica and children who understand life as a challenge. Thanks to her for sharing her own story of positivity and willingness. Thanks to the Kwaderno team for being an unexpected blessing from above. I may not be that expressive but my every word and little smiles really mean a lot to others. I never saw this coming. My life now is anchored with love, happiness, and positivity, and I am even seeing my future still volunteering with Kwaderno. I know that my succeeding years will be filled with many lessons and will have an impact because my whole has already been rooted in what we are working for in Kwaderno.
This New Year depends on all of us. Let’s accept the fact that it would be very hard to make it wonderful and meaningful altogether. But that doesn’t mean that it is difficult to bring about a better and more positive world. We, the people around the world, might not do it altogether yet each of us can start doing our own year wonderful and meaningful in a positive a way.

Fortunate are we that we still have the chance to make our lives better or even best. Enough making and repeating the same New Year’s resolutions we have made over and over again. The hope and positivity the New Year brings to us will only be useful if we take action.