Misyon Online - January-February 2011

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Pulong ng Editor

His Home in Negros

By Richelle H. Verdeprado

Born in Omagh, Northern Ireland on 15 December 1926, Fr Terence Bennett or ‘Father Terry’ has spent most of his life as a Columban missionary priest in Negros, Philippines. This morning, eight days before he celebrates his 84th birthday and three days before he returns to Ireland, I’m happy to be given this opportunity to interview him. Father Seán had introduced us to each other several times already, perhaps because we kept forgetting each other. But after this one-hour interview, I’m sure we won’t be forgetting each other anymore.

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Integral Evangelization by the Columbans in Negros

By Jack B. Pamine
Mission Awareness Ministry

In my Basic Christian Community-Community Organizing (BCC-CO) days, after I left the Redemptorist Formation program, we taught three models of Basic Christian Communities (BCCs): liturgical, developmental and liberational. I didn’t expect to see these being implemented by the Columbans, though maybe I didn’t recognize that they all belong to what is now called ‘integral evangelization’.

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‘Come after me and I will make you fishers of men’ (Mark 1:17)

By Rodolfo Christopher Kaamiño IV

Friends ask me what I’m doing here in Taiwan. Half-jokingly, ‘Washing asses’ is my frequent reply, and they laugh, thinking I might be joking or that I mean something else. Here is somebody who has studied for four years in graduate school in the USA now washing other people’s asses. It led me to wonder what’s ‘wrong’ with this, probably because it’s a ‘dirty’ job, or because it’s not a ‘classy job’, a ‘sophisticated profession’ such as engineering or accountancy. A friend asked me why I’m doing this. I told him I don’t do it on my own, or else I would have quit a long time ago. I have some help from above.

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From Iligan to Vilvoorde

By Sr Marie Paul Therese OCD

I am so grateful to our Almighty Father for the gift of life, for allowing me to witness to His grandeur and for giving me this privilege of sharing with you, my dear brothers and sisters.

At home, in school and among my friends, I was fondly called ‘Jijie’. My real name is Jurechille Catalan. That has now been changed to Sr Marie Paul Therese, the religious name given to me during my Clothing (reception of the habit) in October 2009 here in Vilvoorde Carmel.

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By Father Bobby Gilmore

Recently, I met Monica Mysko, an immigrant from Poland. In a conversation with Monica one would be given to think that she is a native of County Meath. Her accent and her English are perfect. Although she learned basic English as a child going to school in Legnica, a town near the German border, she has perfected her English as an immigrant in England for two years and in the past two years since she arrived in Ireland.

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