By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD

Ceiling is the Limit

I planted mango 27/7/89 
One goate died 3/4/90 
Adwoa was born 3/4/90 

I have discovered that above the ceiling in a Ghanaian house is an archive. No wonder when I would ask one of my catechumens about his date of birth, he would say, ‘I don’t know; our house collapsed’, an answer which at first seemed illogical but now I realize is sensible. Thanks to the cockroaches. 

Carry Me?

Like Asians, Ghananians are so hospitable they will do anything for you. Once I was carrying a bucket of water to the bathroom, only six steps away, when my host was coming out of the kitchen. When she saw me she said, ‘Oh no, please Father, let me carry you’. ‘No, thanks, I am too heavy,’ I replied. She laughed with me.