January-February 2007

Among The Stars

By Sr M. Elena Dioneda FMM

Death, when it comes, is always sobering, more so when it comes and takes the young.  When it comes knocking, we can’t help but ask at times, ‘How could God allow such a young person to die . . . a nineteen-year-old man full of potential, talents and gifts?’ Sister Elena asks this same question and finds an answer of sorts in the belief that something greater was in store for him . . .

The Spirit Of Our Ministry

By Fr Raymond Ugwu CSSp

In the past, missionaries to the Philippines were nearly all Westerners. That has changed. Here a young Nigerian priest tells us of his experience in Mindanao. This article, reprinted with permission, first appeared in the May 2006 edition of Spiritan, the quarterly of the TransCanada Province of the Spiritans, the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, www.spiritans.com

The author with some of his companions in the youth ministry

Gone Batty

That Sunday, the gospel reading was about the cure of the demoniac. During the homily, a fearful noise was created by a flock of small bats flying from the ceiling of the church as if the roof was falling down. Looking up I screamed, ‘Those are the evil spirits running away.’ The adults and children laughed as the catechist interpreted what I said.

How To Observe Lent With Your Family

By Fr Stephen Cuyos MSC

‘I consider blogs and podcasts as today’s most effective tools in sharing personal reflections and in proclaiming God’s liberating message of joy, peace and love online,’ says Father Stephen on his website, www.stephencuyos.com, where this article first appeared. From Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, he was ordained in November 1998 as a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC), www.misacor.org, and has been Supervisor, Electronic Media Center, Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA-MA), since January 2006. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Arts in Mass Communications (Major in Television) at Universitá Pontifica Salesiana in Rome in 2005.

A Taste Of The Desert

By Little Sister Cecilia-Grace Eco

Little Sister Cecilia-Grace LSJ is on a time of renewal,  part of which she spent in the Sahara Desert in Béni Abbès, Algeria, where Blessed Charles de Foucauld lived from 1901 until 1905. Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus, a French woman who had read the life and writings of Brother Charles, founded the Little Sisters in 1939. You may learn more about them at (Click here)

LSr Cecilia (standing)  helps prepare Algerian tea

Centennial Of Redemptorists In The Philippines (1906-2006)

By Father Bernard Casey CSsR

On the Feast of the Epiphany 2006, the Redemptorist Congregation launched the Centennial Celebration of their presence in the Philippines, an opportunity to thank God for all He has done through their presence and to thank the people who have cooperated with them in their mission to the poor for 100 years.

Redemptorist Church, Tacloban City

New Year In February

By Mitzi Ramos

May Fernandez dropped by our editorial office in Bacolod City, where she’s from, before returning to Taiwan for her second three-year term as a Columban lay missionary. Among other things, she shared with Mitzi Ramos how reading Misyon led her to where she is now.

The author with some of her Taiwanese students

Eighth Day

By Katie Flaherty

For seven days
she is limp as rags
and sweat damp;
our firstborn child
the color of a frog’s throat.

My own Petit Piton is burning
with dengue fever
and it’s too late
to go home now.

Pope Benedict XVI On Family Prayer

On 10 September Pope Benedict XVI spoke in Munich Cathedral to first communicants, their parents and catechists. The points he made are similar to those of Father Stephen Cuyos.

Among other things the Holy Father said that Communion is the ‘source of life’ through which Jesus ‘comes to us and makes each of us one with him.’ He then said to the children’s parents, ‘I ask you to help your children to grow in faith. I ask you to accompany them on their journey toward Holy Communion.’ He added that the children must be helped ‘on their journey toward Jesus and with Jesus.’ He then implored the parents, ‘Please, go with your children to Church and take part in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration! You will see this is not time lost; rather, it is the very thing that can keep your family truly united and centered. Sunday becomes more beautiful, the whole week becomes more beautiful, when you go to Sunday Mass together.’

Bend In The Road

By Gil L. Casio SM

The author, a seminarian with the Society of Mary, is stationed in Thailand, having been in Myanmar for a while. He is from Surigao.


Last year, I had the privilege of joining the team of the Marist Mission Center – Australia (MMC) in visiting refugee camps in Maesot in northern Thailand. Thousands of the Karen tribe from Myanmar (formerly Burma) live there in the middle of the jungle. It was my first time to see people who were obviously suffering from injustice and oppression.

Lives Of Counter-Culture

An Interview with Lay Spiritans John and Katie Flaherty

This article, reprinted with permission, first appeared in the May 2004 edition of Spiritan, the quarterly of the TransCanada Province of the Spiritans, the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, www.spiritans.com

Lay Spiritans John and Katie Flaherty were interviewed in their modest East End Toronto home. At one stage the proceedings were interrupted by a period of chaos as their children Annie, Gabriel and Locky came home from playing in the park.

A venue for the youth to express themselves and to share with our readers their mind, their heart and their soul. We are inviting you – students and young professionals – to drop by Our Hideaway and let us know how you are doing.



By Christopher Ong

Someone once told me that dreams are ad infinitum. So here I am, sixteen and surveying the vast and wide landscapes of my dreams.

One time, somebody got angry with me and told me I was a person who could never change. I agree. I never changed my dreams, my principles, my point of view. Many times I vowed to improve, but how improved can a person really be?

‘Epiphanies Of The Lord’ In My Daily Life

Here we publish the second part of a three-part reflection by a ‘Pink Sister’ who prefers to be known to our readers as ‘A Hidden Pearl.’ The official name of the congregation is ‘Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration.’ There are Filipino Sisters on mission in Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and Togo in addition to Sisters in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the USA.

Janet wrote this letter during her third year in high school

in St Catherine’s College, Carcar, Cebu.


Dear Father Seán,

Greetings in Jesus, Mary and Joseph! First, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Janet Escoba, a third year student of St Catherine’s College in Carcar, Cebu, Philippines. I have two volumes of your Misyonmagazine. Whenever I receive your magazine I am amazed by the articles especially the youth page, ‘Our Hideaway.’ This page reflects me. I too had many problems even in my younger years. One was when I had an accident when I was in Grade 5.