Your Turn

The author, now a high school senior, overcomes her reluctance to fulfill a class requirement as she is touched by two articles. 

Father Seán Coyle,

I’m Myla Patricia Aquino, a junior at St Scholastica’s College Manila. I’m writing to you as partial fulfillment of my requirements in Christian Living class. At first I never really wanted to do this task but, on the contrary, not only did I find one article that intrigued me, but I found two very interesting articles. Both are from your September- October 2004 issue.One is your own article on Gianna Beretta Molla, Choose the child – I insist on it and the other Life- giving Moments by Rosemary Taker. As I read these, I realized certain things that seem to be the answer to most peer pressure problems I, and people I know, face right now.

By Freya Carmona

Dear Sister Grace,

As I was reading your story Strange Encounter ((March-April) I was inspired by the goodness of the Lord in the way he worked a miracle for you. I can relate to your story.

One time I went to Bacolod, three hours from home, just to refresh myself after busy school days. I stayed at my aunt's house. After a couple of days I needed to go home for school the following day. When I went to the bus terminal I opened my wallet to find that I had only P70. I suddenlyremembered that my aunt forgot to remind me about the money my mom had left with her for me. I wanted to go back to her house but realized that if I did, I’d miss the last trip to San Carlos City and wouldn’t be able to go to school the following day. So I decided to wait until the bus left.

A Young Reader In Ilocos Is Inspired By An Article From A Teacher In China To Be A Catechist To Small Children In Her Own Place.

Dear Mr Nicholas Murray,

Greetings of peace and joy!

I am Donnalyne Savellano, a fourth year high school student of St Paul College of Ilocos Sur, a Catholic school.  As part of our training and formation as ‘Paulinians,’ we have Religion and Values Education as one of our major subjects.  The school also supplements this with every issue of Misyon.

Dear Fr Seán Coyle,

Good day and peace! My name is Anne Concepcion G. Pozon from St Scholastica’s College, Manila. The stories in Misyon made me reflect on and understand the difficulties in my life. In the September-October 2004 issue, I was particularly touched by the story of Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla, the mother who risked her life for the sake of her baby.

I felt a connection of that story to my life. When I was five months old, according to the stories I’ve heard from my parents, I nearly died. They said that I had meningitis, which nearly took my life. My mom and dad were really on the verge of despair. The doctor said that I might never wake up.

We sometimes get very reflective responses to articles in Misyon and have already used one as an article. From time to time we’ll publish more. ‘In a year’ has come around for Christine Laungayan, the first to feature in ‘Your Turn,’ and she graduates this March. We wish her and all readers who are graduating God’s special blessings.

Dear Ms Arlene Villahermosa,

I’m Christine Laungayan, a junior in St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. You’re probably wondering why a 15-year-old kid has sent you an email. Well, here goes. My religion teacher asked us to comment via email on any article of our choice in the March-April Misyon. Truthfully, I never really wanted to do this assignment. However, because it’s a requirement I’m writing.

I was flipping through the pages of the March-April 2004 issue when I saw your article, Something Beautiful Happened. For some reason, I stopped and read it. No offense, I’m not like those other people who say ‘after reading your article, I felt totally new . . .’ or ‘I felt like God spoke to me’ or ‘it changed my life.’ I’m not going to say those things because I haven’t felt them. However, it got me thinking.

I just like to share my frustrations in life. In a year, I’ll be graduating from high school and will be entering a whole new life. It scares me big-time. I’m still confused about what course I’ll take in college. I’m thinking, what if my decision will be wrong? What if that wrong decision will greatly affect my life? In a negative way? Or, what if I push through with my decision and after ten years or so, I begin to feel that I’m not doing the right thing?