By Fr Joseph Panabang SVD

Headless Magkal
I do not know the name of this snake but it was big it is about three feet long. But I do know it is a delicacy to some people here including my catechist. I tried one evening  to run over one with my double cabin pick – up car but missed four times. Angry, I brought out my bolo and cut its head all at once. Then I lifted the switching body the switching body into the back of the pick – up. Immediately the body started coiling and uncoiling itself at the back of the car. Not far away from the killing zone, a farmer looking tired and weary was begging passionately for a lift. I stopped, signaled the man to jump quickly into the back car. Already I started to laugh anticipating his meeting with the moon-drenched headless snake still rolling over and over as if looking for its head, at the nearest village, I got out intending to give the snake to my catechist and interested at the same time to find out my passenger’s reaction. Oh, the man was not there anymore.

 It was the same kind of snake which I saw at Obeng-krum village (village of Mr. Obeng). The father of a family was roasting it over a fire. When I asked him, “Is it poisonous?” “No”, he said. Doubtful weather he understood me,  I reformulated the question. If the snake bites you, what happens to you?” “Oh, you will die immediately!”