“A Search for Good in the Mission of Africa”

From a Missionary Silver Jubilation

By: Sr. Julia Yap, OSB

“Lord you called us graciously to go your way,” was the verse of the song we sing twenty-five years ago when seven of us made our first profession. The above verse is still ringing in my ears now that I am preparing for my silver jubilee of profession.

Without My Father’s Consent
I might well begin this story with my simple call to the religious life which I have heard a faint voice calling to follow Him way back thirty years ago . For a time I ignore the voice, but later on I could not resist Him and ended up with my radical, “Yes O Lord, I will follow you.” A year before I entered the convent of the Missionary Benedictine  Sister of Tutzing in Manila I attended a vocation retreat which was conducted by a Jesuit father from Ateneo. He opened the eyes of my mind and the ears of my heart to listen to the call. That was a radical change of my life to leave home even without the consent of my father; to leave everything and begin my search for God.

Hope Shines in Tanzania

By Sr. Rosalinda Gonzales, MMM

Sr. Rosalinda first met the Medical Missionaries of Mary when she worked as a lay doctor in Nigeria, West Africa. She is at present the Filipino member of this International missionary congregation founded in Drogheda, Ireland.

Study the Language
I was missioned to Tanzania in 1986. After finishing six months language course I was assigned to work in Makiungo Hospital.