Papua New Guinea

Legion Of Mary Legionaries Off To Papua New Guinea

Four volunteer-legionaries who were going to Papua New Guinea were given a send-off Mass celebrated  by Bishop Manuel C. Sobreviñas, and the spiritual director of the Senatus for northern Philippines at the St. Mary Goretti Church at Pius XII Catholic Center.

Three are going as Incolae Mariae and one as Extension Worker. They are Nelda Natividad, Emma Egan, Ma. Elena and Bro. Mariano Bernabe.

A Tiny Something Of Myself

By Sr. Walfridis, SSpS

Before I posted to Papua New Guinea in 1592, I taught in our college in Manila. When I received my mission appointment, I thought to myself, now I will really taste some bush mission work. But, to my disappointment, I landed in a school catechists the week I arrived.

But Every Thursday morning (our free day instead of Saturday) I went to Kananam, a nearby village, for religious instruction. When the sea was calm, I went by a small canoe and when the sea is rough, by push-bike.

My Life Is In Your Hands

Sr. Rosita Mazon

I heard somebody open the door slowly. A man with a lighted flashlight was walking towards my bed. I got scared, but had a courage to say gently, ‘who are you? What are you looking for? What do you want?’ there was no response from the man, so I got all the more scared. Then I composed myself and prayed to God for help. When the man was about to grab me I gave him a very forceful kick, which knocked him down. I’m sure he was hurt. He then pulled me from the bed and started hitting me with his strong fist. My face and neck swelled up like a balloon. He punch my mouth and a number of my teeth fell out. Later I discovered that he had fractured my left jaw. He then stabbed me with a knife and wounded me at the side of my face and slightly at the back. I cried and shouted out for help and it was only then the intruder left me, soaked in blood and struggling in pain.