Flores: faith versus fate

 By: Fr. Victor Bunanig, SVD

Fr. Victor Bunanig, SVD has been a missionary in Indonesia for almost thirty two years now.

Island of flowers
Flores is an island in the central Indonesian Archipelago. Its area is 14,000 sq. km. with a population of about 1,500,000. The island has the name “Palau Bunga”: island of Flowers. Beyond this literary nickname the isle is a land of Sylvan and volcanic mountains. Above all Flores id “Flowers” of the faith, 80% Catholic. In Church administration Flores is divided into three Dioceses. After seventy five (75) years of evangelization, it now sends Priest and Brothers and Sisters as Missionaries all over Indonesia and abroad.

I Chose Indonesia

Fr. Amigleo continues his account of life in Indonesia.

Muslim Lent
A religious phenomenon in Indonesia which I never witnessed before in my life is the Muslin Lebaran. It is a month of feasting which starts from six o’ clock in the morning up to six o’clock in the evening. During this month of Lebaran all activity i.e. school, office works, business, socials are practically at a stand still. The whole city, nay the whole country, observes Lebaran. This, being the case, I started wondering why the Catholic Church in Indonesia had not move moved the Lenten season to coincide with Muslim Lebaran. That, so I thought to myself, would certainly be a very concrete way of expressing solidarity and religious unity.

I Chose Indonesia

By: Fr. Ernesto Amigleo, CICM

I remember many years ago in 1963, as a young novice at the CICM Maryhurst Seminary in Baguio City, my novice master announced to the twelve of us novices that the superior general wanted us to write him about where or which mission country we would like  to go as a missionary. We were asked to name three countries after a few days or discernment, we were ready to write Fr. General. I chose Indonesia as one of my priorities. The other two were Japan and Brazil. There were, of course, reason why I chose Indonesia. They were: 1) because Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country; 2) because it is in Asia; 3) because as a Filipino I can share our Christian faith with our Asian Muslim brothers and sister; and 4) because culturally speaking, Indonesians and Filipino come from the same Malay ancestry.

To Go To the Poor a need of my Soul

Sr. Ma. Rosario, FMM

Off to Indonesia
My first mission was Indonesia, the country next to my motherland, the Philippines. I left home for this mission exactly a month after the mission- sending ceremony held at Baclaran Church, on 7, 1979, more than 10 years ago.

God’s Plan is Different
As a missionary I have always wanted to work with the less fortunate of my brothers and sisters but I acquired a job which encloses me with in four walls. At times I feel rather disappointed, but I have to accept it with strong faith. While I had to planned help build the Kingdom through direct service to the poor, God’s plan for me seemed to be otherwise. God has His owns ways and they are beyond human comprehensions.

A Missionary Journey

By Sr. Vincentia Laccay, CFIC
Kalimantan, Indonesia

Into the Wilds
One day, Fr. Timoteus, two catechists and I set out for the barrio of Kampung Kadak by motor cycle. After half an hour, we reach the station with a small chapel. There we had to leave behind the motorcycle for the barrio we were going to was still without any road. We have to hike one and half hours, passing through tall cogon grasses and crossing small rivers.

Joseph- The Leper

Sr. Leonora Miñoza, MM

Among my various involvement in Pare Pare, Indonesia, the most rewarding pastoral care for the catholic patients in a leprosarium about five kilometer from the city. I visit this patients regularly, Either in their home or in gatherings in small houses that serve as chapel. We informally shares life experiences or we pray and sing hymns as the ocassion demands. Through this I gather information and intimate stories from each of them-each one has a story all his own!