Hong Kong

A Chalice For China

By James McCaslin, ssc

A bamboo curtain came down around China when Communism took over in the early ‘50s. Missionaries were imprisoned or expelled. Native Chinese priests were executed, tortured and imprisoned. A pall of sadness settled over Christians who went into hiding like in the catacombs of Rome in the time of Nero. China was struggling to stand up and declare her independence before the world and the Church-so associated in some Chinese minds with excessive colonial powers in the past – suffered in the process. We wondered in fear what was happening to the four million Catholics especially during the excesses of the cultural revolution. Then after the death of Mao Zse Tung that bamboo curtain began to part a little. Christians emerged from the catacombs and we suddenly realized with joy that they were alive and well and that the terrible pruning had born much fruit.

Whiter China

By Sr. Josefina Santos, SPC

A Filipino Sister makes a pilgrimage to China and reports on the difficult situation of the divided Church.

No in my dreams did I ever imagine myself walking on Chinese soil. If someone had told me when I was a child that I would one day see China. I would have said. “You must be joking.” And yet this impossibility became a reality on August 21, 1996 when I set foot in Beijing, the heart of China, with a group of 53 parishioners of St. Margaret’s Church.

Gutbai PNG, Gude Hong Kong

By Fr. Tom Gonzales, MSP

Msgr. Tomas Gonzales is from Baliuag Bulacan and was ordained for the Archdiocese of Manila. Having served in Tondo and Pasay and later as Pastor in Alabang and Sta. Cruz, he then volunteered as a missionary to Papua New Guinea and then at present in Hong Kong as an associate member of the Mission Society of the Philippines (MSP- is the official missionary arm of our Philippine Catholic Church). Here he tells of the two different worlds he has come to encounter. GUTBAI is the Pidgin word for 'Goodbye’, the GUDE for ‘Hello’ and ‘Good Day,’

God had a Dream for You

By: Sr. Tammy Saberon, SSC

Here is a little story of how Sr. Tammy, a Filipino missionary in Hong Kong came to write many songs which are now available in a book called: “God had a Dream for You.” In this article Sr. Tammy now in-charge of vocation tells us how she came to write songs and thanks all those who helped her to produce the book and the cassette tape.

Crying out for Flowers

By: Leticia Bartolome, ICM

Looking for Flowers
“When you live amid rocks the heart is bound to cry out for flowers.” The source of the quotation is a Benedictine nun who wrote in poetry about the “rocks” of everyday life. I met the passage almost twenty years ago when I newly-arrived missionary in Hong Kong, and have always liked it. I was determined not to remain “crying out flowers” but to look for flowers in Hong Kong, literally and figuratively.

A New New Year

By: Sr. Tammy Saberon

Sr. Tammy Saberon, (author) a Columban Missionary in Hong Kong for 81/2 years. Sr. Tammy now the Mission/ Vocation Animator of the Columban Sister in the Visayas and Mindanao

One of the strange things that a Missionary experiences is to long for something she used to do or used to have at home but at the same time to discover something beautiful in her new land, something  beautiful in her new land, something which compensates.

Filipina in a Hong Kong Prison

By: Isabel Taylor Escoda

I went to jail last Sunday. An Englishwoman I know sent me there. Hong Kong’s Victoria Prison is not far from my small flat, u p a hill in the colony’s Central District. Around the prison block are art galleries, antique and furniture shops and on the same street as the jail entrance, down the hill a bit, is a cozy French restaurant.

Bible Ministry in Hong Kong

By Meriam R. Jordan

The parish priest had asked her to follow up those taken both the Basic Bible Seminar (BBS) and the Bible Facilitators Seminar (BFS). Not knowing anything about the apostolate then, she was not keen on taking it. “I was hesitant because I did not know what this was all,” she recalled. But having seen the interest of the parishioners, and how alive the word of God was for them, affecting their lives, she agreed.