Peace by Peace

November – December 2017

Lord, kindle our lamps, Saviour most dear to us, that we may always shine in your presence and always receive light from you, the Light Perpetual, so that our own personal darkness may be overcome, and the world’s darkness driven from us. Amen.

~ St. Columban, Sermon XII

While I know that humanly speaking, I will have to deal with some difficult moments... I can say in all sincerity that I am at peace. We can look at death as an enemy or a friend. If we see it as an enemy, death causes anxiety and fear. We tend to go into a state of denial. But if we see it as a friend, our attitude is truly different. As a person of faith, I see death as a friend, as a transition from earthly life to life eternal.

~ Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Archbishop of Chicago (1928 – 1996)

The church has lighted my way. Instead of struggling through a wilderness I have had a road – a road to virtue and truth. Only a road – the road to an end, not the end itself – the road to truth, not the fullness of truth itself… In one word, she has taught me how to seek God.

Maude Petre’s Way of Faith

~ Maude Dominica Petre, Catholic Modernist (1863 – 1942)

If you give your people halfhearted leadership, you’ll get a halfhearted following. But if you invest yourself in them, if you have a heart for them, your people will return your investment with a heartfelt following.

~ Kevin Leman and William Pentak, The Way of the Shepherd: 7 Ancient Secrets to Managing Productive People

May Wisdom be present in your discernment,
    shedding light upon your dormant dreams
    and unfolding paths.
May Trust invite you to explore the unknown
    with a hopeful heart.
May supportive companions keep vigil
    in your waiting.
May you be blessed
    with Patience and Courage
    in the expression of your true self.
May the yearnings of the Spirit call forth
    Generosity and great Love.
And may your heart be opened to welcome
    Holy Newness. Amen.

~ Sr. Pat Bergen, CSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph